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Rock Point Session IPA is an ale that melds the full bodied, hop flavors of potent India Pale Ale with the easy drinkability of a much lighter beer. Columbus, Simcoe, and Amarillo hops merge to give this beer a torrent of citrusy flavor counterpointing the vivid hoppy aroma. Layered beneath the heady hop presence, lies a light, toasty malt background created by using Pale, Wheat, Carapils, and Caragold malts.

At 4.5% AVB and 50 IBU’s, Rock Point session IPA is a crisp, refreshing, and a surprisingly bold beer that has been crafted for hop lovers who want to enjoy their beer while still actively enjoying their day.

Available in 6 Packs and Draft.

Look for this session brew in  Spring 2016

Engine 45 Pumpkin Ale is as true to Mendocino County as is the legendary Skunk Train and its annual Pumpkin Express! Our Pumpkin Ale is just as delicious as a slice of Pumpkin Pie. This deep dark amber beer is brewed with a variety of caramel and roasted malts to give it a strong malt body. Pumpkin puree, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and allspice combine perfectly to give the beer its characteristic refreshing Fall taste.

Giving this ale a unique twist is the addition Cocoa nibs during fermentation, in a process very similar to dry hopping. The Cocoa nibs embellish this already bold Fall Beer Classic with notes of dark chocolate. And we didn't forget the hops! A judicious quantity of Apollo hops are added during the boil to ensure the beer finishes strong, crisp and balanced.

At 5.0% ABV and 25 IBU's Engine 45 Pumpkin Ale will compliment any Fall Holiday meal.

Look for this seasonal brew in the Fall of 2016

The Special Seasonal Collection

Oatmeal StoutBock BeerOatmeal Stout

Redwood Oatmeal Stout - Nature has this uncanny way of knowing what is best for us.  Take Oats for example history records that it has been used by brewers since ancient times. Today we continue that tradition and present our winter Oatmeal Stout, a glorious jet black stout endowed with a rich long lasting tan creamy head with a captivating aroma of fresh brewed coffee.

This winter seasonal has a flavor profile replete with nuances of bold dark chocolate and black coffee, embellished with a tint of a hint of creamy caramel.  These are equably well balanced by the nutty biscuitty notes, a result of the generous use of rolled oats.  These myriad taste sensations are enveloped with an artful use of hops, and the outcome is a suitably pleasant dry and lingering finish.  At 6% alc./vol., this winter seasonal Oatmeal Stout may be enjoyed singularly or as the perfect complement to hearty winter fare and rich chocolate or berry desserts.  


Look for this seasonal brew in the Winter of 2016

Lake Shore Hefeweizen is our new twist on a classic German Style.  We use over 50% wheat malt to make our Lake Shore brew smooth, rich, full bodied, and very drinkable.  This beer derives its true character from the use of traditional German Hefeweizen yeast.  The yeast gives the beer subtle notes of banana and clove to compliment the smooth wheat flavor.  We leave the beer unfiltered to give it the characteristic cloudy look of a Hefeweizen.  The beer is lightly hopped with the use of Apollo and Willamette hops for a crisp finish. Lake Shore Hefeweizen truly is the perfect beer for a warm summer’s day.



Eight miles North East of our brewery at Ukiah lies majestic Lake Mendocino. Nestled in verdant hills, the lake is breath taking in its serenity and splendor. The lake was formed by the construction of the Coyote Valley Dam in 1958.  It covers 1922 acres and is 133 feet deep. It is the key drinking water source from Ukiah to Healdsburg. It attracts flocks of people to its inviting banks.

ABV 5.0%   IBU  15

Available in 6 Packs and Draft.

Look for this session brew in Summer 2016

Bock Beer