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Honey Amber Rose -  This beer is seductive in appearance, captivating in aroma, and hypnotic in flavor. While being low in calories/carbs, it is high in sophistication.

Honey Amber Rose is a light beer with 4,5% ABV. Brewed with a blend of Premium Specialty Malts, Clover Honey, Rose Hips,it is mildly hopped with Hallertau, Tettnang and Czech Saaz hops. This delightful beer is derived from a vintage European recipe of the 1830’s and has a semi-dry finish with a very clean after taste.

Honey Amber Rose, with its aura of refined elegance, is a well balanced, flavorful beer that serves great as a session beer.

So let the Session play on and on!

Carmel Wheat Beer  is a light, delicately flavored Hefe-Weizen characterized by a refreshing aroma, that is heightened with a subtle nuance of wheat flavors.

It is brewed using traditional two row malt and wheat malt, embellished with Munich malt.

Carmel Wheat Beer’s enigmatic floral hints are a result of both, the Cascade and Northern Brewer hops.

Carmel Wheat Beer is 5.5% ABV.

Saratoga Lager -  Brewed in the grand tradition of Vienna Lagers in Austria and Marzenbiers of Munich, Saratoga Lager is a smooth, medium bodied lager with a pale copper color and a rich aroma.

German hops and Munich malt impart an intriguing balance between light, soft bitterness and a refreshing sweetness.

The Regional Collection

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Saratoga IPA -  Our newest addition to the Saratoga line is our delicious Saratoga IPA.

At 7.0% ABV, and 60IBU’s (bittering unit measurement), the balance between our Cascade and Fuggles hops and the bold Munich malt gives this beer its clean, crisp, full balanced flavor that makes Saratoga IPA so refreshingly delicious.