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Red Tail Ale ~ The Legend

Red Tail Ale is our flagship brand. It is brewed in the traditional "old world" manner, using premium two-row malted barley, hops and our own special proprietary yeast strain. It is an amber ale with a rich complex refreshing flavor and a crisp dry finish. Like good wine, Red Tail Ale is a perfect complement to fine dining.

Eye of the Hawk ~ Select Ale

Eye of the Hawk is an excellent, rich bodied ale that is brewed to perfection. "Eye" is coppery reddish-amber in color and its unique taste is the result of a judicious mix of caramel and pale malted barley, balanced with Cluster, Cascade and Saaz hops. This gives the Eye its luxurious flavor, substantial mouth-feel and that slightly dry finish. Eye of the Hawk has garnered a cult following that is enviable.

White Hawk ~ Select India Pale Ale

White Hawk Select IPA is a traditional India Pale Ale. We’ve blended American West Coast Cascade Hops with a very generous dose of English Fuggle Hops. This combination makes for a very aromatic character, as well as a truly authentic English flavor which you must taste to believe. “Hopheads” will love this brew!

The 22 Ounce  Collection

Black Eye Ale ~ The Ultimate Blend -  

Black Eye Ale is a unique blend of two of our popular brands - Black Hawk Stout & Eye of the Hawk Select Ale. Black Eye Ale is big in flavor and smooth in finish.

The high percentage of dark and specialty malts in Black Hawk Stout enriches the silky warming character of the Eye of the Hawk Select Ale, making Black Eye Ale  
- Truly the Ultimate Blend.

Talon ~ Extra Select Double IPA

Talon Double IPA, like birds of prey whose formidable talons empower them to hunt and survive will more than satisfy you in your hunt for hops. But Talon Double IPA is much more than just hops. Our skilled team of brewers have developed this Double IPA featuring intricate layers of enigmatic flavors with their artful use of 5 unique premiuin varieties of malt ~ Specialty 2-rovv, Wheat, Crystal, Munich and Vienna, and 6 distinct varieties of hops ~ Cascade, Apollo, Centennial, Pilgrim, Summit and Amarillo ~ before a round of intense dry hopping with Cascade, Amarillo, Summit and Simcoe hops. The result is an abundantly fragrant hop nose with a bright hop flavor layered throughout in perfect harmony with a rounded malt body. Talon Double IPA finishes bold, strong and fulfilling, and demands many repeated explorations of this supremely enjoyable IPA. Talon Double IPA is 10% ABV with 95 IBU’s and is indeed an IPA that will take a firm grip of your taste buds.

Your taste buds are Waiting, so go for it!!

Kingfisher ~ Premium Lager Beer

Kingfisher Premium Lager is a conventionally fermented beer, with a perfect balance of flavor congenors. It is brewed to the highest international standards, from the finest quality malted barley and hops. It has won numerous international awards for its excellence & exceptional quality. Kingfisher Premium Lager is available in over 55 countries. In England, Kingfisher Premium is the lager of choice at the over 7000 Indian restaurants. It is also available at stores such as Sainsbury's and Safeway. In the US, Kingfisher is the largest selling lager in Indian restaurants nation-wide! This brew enhances the taste sensation of many foods - from the savory spiciness of Indian cuisine, to the wholesome taste of steaks, burgers, hot dogs, pizza and pasta!

33rd Anniversary  Ale ~ Limited Edition

We have been driven by our passion for brewing high quality handcrafted ales since we started in 1983 as the First Brewpub in California since prohibition. Over the past decades we honed our skills to master the art of creating Legendary Ales.

To celebrate 33 years as Pioneers in the American Craft Brewing Renaissance, we present a Limited Edition Anniversary Ale that pays homage to the

Heart of beer - Hops.

This Anniversary Ale is a single hop Pale Ale that honors the Cascade Hop that started it all and changed the way people view American Craft beer. This hop has an intense floral aroma with a spice and citrus finish. We brewed this Pale Ale with multiple additions of Cascade during the boil, then topping it off with generous dry hopping to give you an exceptional experience.

Savor this Limited Edition Anniversary Pale Ale - an ale 33 years in the making.     You deserve the Best!