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National Homebrew Day!

May 3rd is National Homebrew Day, and even non-homebrewers ought to raise a glass on this day. Homebrewing is as old as brewing itself. Once, everyone was a homebrewer—or you were if you wanted to have beer. Gradually, the craft … Continue reading

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Reinheitsgebot–or Not?

April 23rd marks the beginning of the Bavarian Beer Week, held in celebration of Germany’s long tradition of brewing. It is also the day the German Purity Law was decreed back in 1516. Known as the Reinheitsgebot, the Purity Law … Continue reading

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Seasonals–Now’s the Time

As each season approaches, I start looking for the new seasonal beer releases. Seasonal beers are a way for a brewery to add to its line of flagship beers while also experimenting with new flavors in small batches. Some seasonal beers … Continue reading

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Black IPA–The Brewer’s View

Mendo’s Spring Seasonal Black IPA is back on the shelves! Still relative newcomers to the craft beer game, Black IPAs are an American original, and Mendo’s brewing supervisor Ben Wilkinson was kind enough to share some of Mendocino’s Black IPA … Continue reading

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Eye of the Hawk Oven-Baked Fries

I love fries, and this oven-baked version is the best I’ve ever tried. I like to oven-bake fries because it’s easier and healthier, but they always came out a bit soft. These fries, though, are crispy and delicious. The secret … Continue reading

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