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White Hawk Ginger Cupcakes with Talon Frosting

Spring is officially here, and these White Hawk Gingerbread Cupcakes with Talon IPA Cream Cheese Icing will help shake off those last chills of winter! The IPA intensifies the heat of the spices and helps balance the molasses sweetness, which … Continue reading

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Beer For People Who Don’t Like Beer…Yet

When I hear someone say they don’t like beer, I usually think they just haven’t tried the right beer! Most people’s introduction to beer was a canned American lager (mine sure was), and some of them have not been fortunate … Continue reading

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A Brief History of Hops

The release of the new Mendocino Brewing’s Double Talon IPA got me thinking about hops. Almost every beer today is brewed using hops—they add a balancing bitterness and act as natural preservative. Yet brewers were making beer for thousands of … Continue reading

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“Never ask for ‘a beer’…” M. Jackson

In 1977, the US was enjoying a craft beer renaissance. That same year, British news journalist Michael Jackson’s The World Guide to Beer was published. He didn’t sing, dance or drink Pepsi—but he did drink beer. And while he drank … Continue reading

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