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Something “Butteful” – Homegrown HoeDown

Beautiful.  That’s the word that kept coming up at the Plowshares’ Homegrown Hoedown hosted by Frey Vineyards in Redwood Valley, Mendocino County, CA.  Mendocino Brewing donated Butte Creek Organic Pilsner, Pale, Porter and IPA. There’s no way to blog this … Continue reading

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Hey all you Stout lovers!

Hey all you Stout lovers! I’m back to tell you all about my adventure with Stout tasting. I have to admit I was a bit nervous when I first started. I mean, what do I know about all the nuances … Continue reading

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Another Brick in the Wall

Well, we’ve reached another milestone in the Mendocino Brewing Ale House project. The sign is mounted on the building! Now we actually have some progress visible form the outside. The noise level is very high here at the brewery! It’s … Continue reading

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What Does Stout Really Mean?

Ok all you Stout lovers, I’m back. I was busy out gathering up my Stouts to be sampled, tested and hopefully lead me into the world of Stouts. The process of collecting my bottles of Stout of course led me … Continue reading

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Stout Anyone?

Stout.  Is Stout just a stout? What sets one Stout apart from another Stout?  Well this question came to mind when the long awaited Mendocino Brewing Company’s Winter Seasonal, Oatmeal Stout hit the market. But wait, doesn’t MBC already make … Continue reading

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