The 5 Joys of Shower Beers

Do you ever just need to feel luxurious? Need a little “me time”? You might be trying to dip out on the super stressful meltdown your toddler is having and leave it for the co-parent. Or maybe you live a life of few stresses (jealous!) and are looking to complement that warm, calming sensation with some flavor.


Introducing, the shower beer. Oh, its a THING. It involves simply drinking a beer while you take a shower. If you haven’t had one you are missing out, because this is a perfect merge of two of the most handy tools for winding down after a long day of whatever.

1. Ultimate relaxation
Consider how wonderful it feels to take a long shower after an exhausting day. Cleansing of the body and the soul. Drinking beer while showering is seriously glorious. As the suds tickle down your back so does the crisp effervescence of beer tickle your fancy. Fade into a world where nothing matters.

2. Find community, with a companion or solo
As I was researching I came upon an entire community of reddit users who are pretty committed to shower beers. They’ll posts photos of themselves daily in the shower with their brew of choice. Throw in a third relaxing factor (hopefully) and invite your partner to join. Now you have something to look forward to after work!

3. It’s Easy
Over at they’ve compiled a list of holders for your shower beer made specifically for that or… improvised. I’m pretty no frills so the built in shelf in my shower is perfectly okay. Some people say you should only drink beers from cans in the shower to avoid breaking glass. That’s extremely limiting; just keep a good grip.

4. You can be adventurous and creative
You likely already find yourself pondering how various flavors will interact with your favorite beer styles. What about the sensation of combining taste with your mechanoreceptors and thermoreceptors? Are the light characteristics of a chilled pilsner refreshing in a steamy shower to you?

5. Treat yo self!
It’s stupid simple to incorporate a beer into your shower, a shower into your beer time. Sometimes in our modern, busy lives its hard to treat ourselves to the things that constitute as “me time”. It may be small, but shower beers are something almost anyone can do for themselves! Who doesn’t want a quick, affordable, effective way to feel like they’ve got some quality self care in?

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