Hangover Preparedness


Oh, hangovers. I know we’d like to say we are passed this point in our lives, but they can be sneaky buggers. If it was a planned night on the town for your life-long bestie’s birthday or if too much free beer landed you in your boyfriend’s great aunt’s bed puking on Christmas (Anyone? Just me?) you can be sure of one thing: hang. over. However you got to now, you need a remedy, STAT. Many times I’ve stumbled through this nauseating mess with no clear direction.

There are many great ways to prevent the familiar aftereffect of one too many, but right now, let’s talk treatment. The damage has been done.

Should you have a hangover kit? Probably. It’s easy to have a few things you may need in the morning conveniently placed near your bed or wherever’s clever. The world doesn’t stop for the hungover.

What I have in my hangover kit:

  • A water bottle for rehydration
  • Crystallized ginger for nausea (these work like magic for me, but there is also always an antacid)
  • A granola bar for strength
  • Advil for a headache and muscle aches

I’m pretty minimalist, so I think this is all that’s really necessary to get back up and at ‘em. But if need be you could add hair ties, chapstick, plastic bags (just in case), tissues, peppermints, or anything that’s presence would have you thanking the gods as you realize what suffering is coming to you.

Of course, its best to avoid hangovers altogether. Usually thats pretty easy to do. Occasionally libationary spontaneity strikes you with no intention of getting too tipsy. Be relieved to have a little recovery jump start all ready for you.

If having a low key hangover kit handy seems absurd to you, consider that all of these things could potentially be useful anytime an ailment strikes you in the morning; multi use! Be prepared, people, be prepared.

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