This Beer Was Made for You and Me

nonick pint

Today, let’s look at a classic American style beer. American Amber Ale is brewed with two row malt and the addition of caramel or crystal malts, which lends it its beautiful reddish color and sets it apart from pale ales.

During the resurgence of the microbrewery movement in the 1980’s, American brewers were producing beers that had attributes of both pale ales and brown ales, but weren’t quite one or the other. To Americans, calling these beers that had an amber hue a pale ale felt debatable, despite their similarities. Most of our current beer styles got their origins from European countries. These brews were not as pale in color as the pilsners that dominated the beer market, but our European counterparts were not just referring to color when they called their brews pale ales. At first a color descriptor, the American Amber Ale soon became a formal style name. What else makes this beer American? The use of American hops.

Give American Amber Ale a go if you are a new beer drinker. It isn’t quite as bitter and assertively hoppy as IPA’s, or as dark and heavy as some stouts. With refreshing, citrusy hops balanced by the dominant malty sweetness, American amber ale is a safe go-to beer style at the pub. And for those of you who are not new to beer, choosing an American amber ale is just patriotic. Next time you’re throwing one back remember that you’re honoring a piece of our part in the craft brew revolution.

So, what is Mendo bringing to the table?


Red Tail Ale is a brilliantly smooth, medium bodied American Amber Ale brewed traditionally with two-row malted barley, hops, and our own exceptional yeast strain. Amber in color with a caramel aroma, this ale has a taste that is complex and invigorating. Our Red Tail Ale makes a great reference for the style, is very drinkable, and pairs with just about anything. Some American faire to go with it: burgers, sandwiches, roasted chicken, barbecue, pizza.

Do you have a soft spot for amber ales? Thinking of grabbing some to go with dinner tonight?

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