Wondering How to Pair Your Pale Ale with Dinner?


You can hardly go wrong with a pale ale, as much cuisine lends itself well to this well-loved type of beer.

The Belgium beer tradition is outstanding as it has a close relationship with food and flows well with all type of dish and desserts, setting the precedence for the trend of food and beer pairing. Grilled meats, and vegetable and meat stews are complemented best with dark Belgian ale. Bright Belgian ale is better combined with spicy foods like turkey meat or fried pheasant.

English ale goes wonderfully with meat pies, hamburgers, and a classic British fish and chips. Another go-to combination is Indian Pale Ale with spicy dishes.

When you want the best fit for light meals like seafood or salad, German ale is the best option. It goes well with a variety of dishes, including grilled chicken and pork, and salad. Weizenbock should be taken with roasted pork, beef or wild poultry. Kölsch beer, which is ale that is fermented at lager temperature, flows well with lighter food like shrimps, salad and crabs. You can also have it with eggs and bacon because of this particular beer’s sweetness, as it serves as a perfect combination with the salty taste of a hearty meal of eggs and bacon. Hybrid Dusseldorf Altbier is another German beer that goes well with the popular Mexican-American cuisine, like a stuffed Mexican Burrito or a rich Mexican quesadilla.

Light ale is a perfect fit for Indian cuisine, fish, poultry dish and meat, as the bitterness of the plant from which it is brewed contrasts perfectly with the flavor of grilled dishes. You should also consider tasting it alongside meals featuring blue cheese, burgers, and meat pies. Foods like chicken, seafood and spicy meals pairs extremely with American amber ale. Alternatively, American wheat ale tastes better with vegetarian dishes, sushi, and green salad. Heavy and hearty food such as game or roasted beef fits nicely with strong light drinking ale. Due to the persistent flavor and sweet aroma, Strong and hot wine from Barley balances well with mold cheese.

Stouts are ideal for drinking with smoked meat, stewed meat or even meaty soups. Stout also makes a great combination with nuts, especially peanuts and coconut. Porters are amazing with smoked meat like pork, steak bacon or sausage. If you want to really complement dessert with a stout, opt for coffee or chocolate based desserts, as they tend to complement the taste of coffee flavors or chocolate desserts.

We hope this simple guide can help you feel confident the next time you’re hosting a meal, or if you’re simply interested in experimenting with different flavor combinations. Have fun finding your favorite combinations – there’s nearly an infinite number of ways to play around with our basic suggestions!

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