Does Your Favorite Style of Beer Reflect Your Personality?


Mindset Media, a market researcher that focuses on psychographics, concluded that with so many brands and choices associated with beers, it must have a certain link to consumers personality. It conducted an online survey of 2,600 showed amazing results. They found, for example, that people who patronize domestic beers instead of craft beers are generally in the middle of the road, financially speaking. They have enough be able to drink, but not as much as those who prefer foreign beer.

The survey also revealed that people who drink a wide variety of beers differ from those that drink only one kind of beer. Those that readily sample from a variety of brewers are often passionate and open minded. A preference for imported or craft beers tends to correspond with social people, as well as perfectionists. And who are the rebels? Frequently, it’s the domestic drinkers.

Your favorite beer style explains a lot about you even before you’ve had a few too many. It may be possible to deduce the type of clothes you wear, the kind of house you live in, or even the type of car you drive, all from your beer preferences. Sensible, grounded, and practical people may gravitate to certain brands, while spontaneous risk takers will probably drink more of different brands.  Mindset Media also found that abstaining from beer or frequently changing your beer-drinking style can also offer clues about your inner workings.

Overall, craft beer drinkers are prone to being open minded and freely discuss the varying tastes found in beer. They pursue interesting and curious experiences as they easily give up on missed opportunities.

So, what are we saying? Non beer-drinkers don’t loosen up nearly as much as their beer-drinking counterparts. They tend to be more ordinary, obedient, and balanced.

Beer drinkers are definitely more fun.

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