5 Ways Drinking Beer is Good for Your Health


Next time you enjoy a nice cold brew, pat yourself on the back for contributing positively to your health. There are multiple ways beer can actually make us healthier!

Beer minimizes the risk of stroke and coronary disease

Beer contains a significant amount of important vitamins, which it gets from its yeast, barley, and wheat. Research shows that moderate consumption of beer lowers the risk of stroke by twenty percent and minimizes coronary disease by forty percent.

Beer prevents cancer and age-related diseases

Beer contains just as many antioxidants as red wine, and almost five times the amount found in white wine. Antioxidants helps prevent cancer and other age-related disease, so drink up!

Beer reduces the risk of heart disease and blood clots

Another important benefit of beer is the increase in cholesterol level in the bloodstream. The vitamin B6 present in beer inhibits homocysteine, an amino acid which contributes to heart disease. Alcohol in general also reduces the risk of blood clots. Want to minimize your risk of heart disease and blood clots? Research shows that people who drink beer are subjected to better protection from homocysteine than people who drink other types of beverages.

Beer for stronger bones

The high level of silicon present in beer, especially pale ale, improves bone health. Studies have shown that drinking beer twice in a day helps to improve the bone strength in the elderly..

Beer is a rich source of vitamins

Beer was first used in Egypt, years ago, as the solution to homeopathic problems several years ago, as it contains a significant amount of phosphorus, vitamin B2, B2, B6 and B12, potassium, protein and calcium.

While too much beer has negative effects associated with it, beer in moderation can do wonderful things for your health. So the next time someone pipes up in a conversation that red wine is healthy, make sure to let them know that beer is, too.

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