Mendocino’s Anniversary Ale

193169_681626333607_254640_oLast week, if you’ll recall, we discussed the wonders of the Cascade Hop, its beginnings its flavors, its signature and classic aroma. Citrusy notes frequently compared to grapefruit, the chemical compounds found in Cascade hops are so strongly aromatic that they are often used by perfumers and those working in the food industry. An intricate fragrance, the Cascade hop also has hints of spice, mild heat, and floral earthiness. Usually used as a bittering hop, this ingredient maintains its soft flavor. It’s no wonder we’re so obsessed it. So, it only makes sense that, as of yesterday, the latest Mendo Brew is a Pale Ale, the beer of the Cascade hop.

Our Anniversary Ale is Driven by Passion and High Standards

correct-anniversary-ale-bottle-083116-copy-2Time’s flown by since Mendocino Brewing Company began back in 1983. As the first brewpub running in California after the end of the Prohibition era, we invested immediately in quality ales and a joy for craft brews. For 33 years, we’ve perfected our skills and mastery over the art and science of brewing. We’re true pioneers in the craft brewing industry and our Anniversary Ale shows it.

A classic pale ale, our latest beer is single hopped, honoring the traditions of American brewing. When the USDA developed the Cascade hop in 1971, brewers were enamored by its multi-dimensional brewing properties: flavorful, aromatic, bitter, and palatable. However, encompassing those Cascadian qualities in our Pale Ale is only half of what makes this beer the solid drink that it is. The pale roasted malts provide a mellowing, equal balance to this drink’s bittering hops, creating the robust and amiable drink that our Anniversary Ale is-a seriously drinkable and refreshing brew.

To the countless beer nerds or low-key fans, who’ve sipped, chugged, and relished in the refreshing nature behind our beverages for 33 years, the Anniversary Ale is for you. Crack open a bottle. You deserve the best!

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