June’s Savory Beer Pairing Match Off: Red Tail Amber Ale Versus Our Rock Point Session IPA With Roasted Vegetable Quesadillas


This month I’m in the mood for something savory and an excuse to drink Red Tail Amber Ale. I’m never quite sure what to pair Amber Ales with, a quick search online gave such a wide variety of options I was left with no more answers than when I started the search in the first place. So, because the weather is heating up and I’m in the mood for a little south of the border flavors, I’m cooking up Hello Fresh’ Roasted Vegetable Quesadillas with Chipoltle-Chili Mayo and Guacamole. You can find that recipe here!


First Up: Red Tail Amber Ale

IMG_2173Red Tail Amber Ale is one of our chief brews; created using our own specialty propriety yeast strain, this Amber Ale is unlike any other. The first thing you’ll notice is it’s maltiness in the extreme, and that’s no accident. Red Tail Amber Ale is made with two-row malted barely, an “old-style” tradition that’s not to be missed. This ale washed down the spiciness of the southern seasonings perfectly, leaving a heavy mouth feel behind that worked fairly well with then savory nature of this dish. A great beverage that, while it didn’t necessarily make the meal, went just fine with these quesadillas.


Rock Point Session India Pale Ale was the Clear Winner

IMG_2169This drink went well with the Chipotle style meal, the hoppy aroma lingered after each gulp, a pleasant mix with the spice from the seasonings. And, man, this beer does just what a session IPA should do, keep you wanting, the good times going, and the flavor fresh as hell. How would I improve this meal for the next time? Add a lime slice to the rim of the glass along with a little squeeze on the sautéed veggies as well. To me, The Rock Point Session IPA is absolutely the top dog between these two brews when paired with such a spicy yet savory meal.


What’s Your Favorite MendoBrew to Pair with Spicy Foods?


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