Wild Game and Bold Beer Pairings

Evenings out at deer camp or around the campfire after leaving the trout stream are spent filling your belly with fresh wild game served hot off the grill then washed down with a cold beer. Now, after a day out in the field or under the hot sun, you may or may not care about what your drink tastes like next to the day’s catch. However, if you’re both an outdoor enthusiast and a foodie like myself, I’m easily impressed by a well-paired beer. What are you eating tonight? If it’s wild, I’ve got a few suggestions for you!

kingfisherDeep Fried Pike and Kingfisher

Pike is a funny fish when it comes into conversation. Fishermen either love it or hate it; It’s tough to fillet and when done improperly or hastily, and you’re likely to get a mouth full of bones. But when filleted with care, Northern Pike, found mostly in the waters of the North Midwest, is a juicy, savory dish. Deep fried and lightly seasoned, a Pike fillet is perfect when drank with a slightly skunky Kingfisher.


Rabbit Fricassee and Red Tail Aleredtail

Though harvesting the rabbit for this dish might take no time at all, the preparation for Rabbit Fricassee might take a bit longer. Still, this soft, stew like dish is way worth the wait and pairs nicely with the old world taste and style of Mendocino’s Red Tail Ale.


Venison and Swiss Au Jus Hoagie with Peregrine Pilsner

peregrine pilsnerUsing the most tender portions of the deer when possible (I suggest the cuts from the back strap), a Venison and Swiss Au Jus is just so damn satisfying and goes perfectly with the Peregrine Pilsner. That drinkability of this Czech Style pilsner enhances the great taste of your venison while keeping enough bitterness to set it apart. Try this on a cold night or after a long day working in the yard. It’ll be a meal that sticks with you until the next day.


Curried Salmon and The Imperial IPAimpipa

Got your hands on a fillet of freshly caught Atlantic Salmon and looking for a truly adventurous dish? Try creating a curried Salmon sauce over white rice drank with the seriously hoppy Imperial IPA.


Okay guys, that’s all I’ve got on wild game for this week. Check Facebook later this week; I’ll be posting two beer specific recipes on Friday! What are you making this week, and, more importantly, what will you be drinking?

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